Happy Friday! Ramblings from the studio and kitchen.

I have quite a few jobs started in my studio..... all vying for my attention. I have a crazy quilt I began several months ago when I got a new sewing machine. I took lots of fabric and old jeans and mens ties, cut them up and began to sew it all together. Very excited about the prospects of a huge crazy quilt and or making big pillows with the finished sewn cloth.  Also in the works is a life size dog sculpture, and several commission dog portraits. Finished works include 5 new paintings. Two heart canvases, two dog portraits, and a portrait done in pointilism style of amazing young singer Christina Grime.(R.I.P) I do believe I teared my way through the making of this painting. 

On the cooking front several new starter recipes were concocted this past week. Smoked salmon and herbed cheese stuffed blintzes and arugula wrapped with ribbons of garlic chives and also corn fritters with a siracha aioli dipping sauce. WOWZA! 

Enjoy the day friends and BE inspired!