Marcie Ziv was born in Providence, Rhode Island and raised in eastern rural Massachusetts. After entering Syracuse University’s film program, she changed her major to sculpture in the Fine Arts Program andbegan experimenting with welding, the foundry and bronze pourings, plastics and wood.  Today she continues her sculptures in fiberglass and other mixed media and her playful works are likened to that of the late Niki de Saint Phalle. Although a self taught painter, Marcie Ziv is gifted with an intricate creative capacity that allows her artistic expression through various methods and has secured a place for herself in the modern as well as post modern fine arts. “Working freely and spontaneously I try to create joyous works that celebrate the diversity of life. I enjoy bringing color, humor and fantasy to life. My work gives me hope, enthusiasm, structure. My work is my diary.”

Since her childhood days Marcie Ziv has developed a keen color sense and a love for life and nature.  “My themes are universal; capable of touching everyone”. She effectively blends a variety of decorative patterns and wild textures on canvas as well as on life size sculptural forms. Shoes, hearts, animal images, flowers, naturescapes….images that make her feel good.  Her canvas scenes pop out with color and consistency becoming a magic background of intertwining outlines filled to the brim with huge drafts of perfectly mixed pigment following the inventive traditions of great master artists. The popularity of these images is quite extraordinary landing in all kinds of public places. The artist’s documentation of life is a great visual resource for us all and continues an appreciation of an evolving inner spirit that honors life. Ms. Ziv exhibits in galleries internationally and here in the United States as well as in her own studio in Coral Gables Florida.